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Penis Enlargement

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Men have continuously been in the search of effective methods to add a few envious centimeters on their penises. In fact the quest of male penis enlargement is so ancient, that if it were in a history book, it would be listed in the lesson meant for the stone-age men. Why have men always been so dissatisfied about the sizes of their penises then?

The main reason lies in the fact that men look upon their penises as a boost to their egos. The sizes of penises have been equated with the machismo and virility of a man; which is actually a blatant misunderstanding. The fact of the matter is that any penis which lies between 5.5 and 7.5 inches is enough to biologically and sexually satisfy a woman. However, looking at the various porn magazines and movies, men get an idea that their penis is not adequate enough. Little do they realize that the men shown in these places are actually enhanced by using natural or artificial methods!

For those men who wish to increase their penises, there are a wide variety of options available. Both penis enhancement and penis enlargement have become very popular in the modern world. Penis enhancement means improving the entire look of the penis. It includes increasing the size as well as the girth of the penis, along with toning its texture and feel. Penis enlargement means only an increase in the length of the penis. Both penis enhancement and penis enlargement can be done by surgical as well as non surgical methods.

Surgery is the most effective way to bring about an increase in the size of the penis. The penis of the male is essentially composed of a spongy tissue layer known as the corpus cavernosa. The surgeon could loosen some of these tissues in order to make them hang better. This gives the penis an elongated look. Surgery brings about an elongation of the penis in the fastest and surest way, but most people are skeptical to go under the surgeon's knife. There is sufficient cause for that too. If the operation goes wrong, it could lead to a number of dangerous issues, such as hemorrhage within the penis, loss of sexual stimulation, erectile dysfunction, etc. Hence, it is necessary to use only a well-qualified and experienced surgeon when it comes to penile matters.

Herbal remedies are gaining wide currency in the western world for penis enlargements. These herbs have been widely used in Ayurveda since ancient times, but they have become exceedingly popular only in the recent times. Dong quai, blessed thistle, ginseng, ginkgo, kava kava, maca, black cohosh, golden seal are just some of the herbs that are used to bring about an enlargement of the penis. These herbs help in extending the length and the girth of the penis by increasing the amount of testosterone, the male sexual hormone.

The popularity of Ayurvedic herbs for penis enlargement is increasing by leaps and bounds with each passing day. Shilajit, an Ayurvedic preparation, is extremely popular in countries such as the US and in the European countries. Several other herbal products such as Vrishya Vati, Dhaatu Pushti, Dhutha Vriddhi, etc. are available which help for both penis enlargement as well as a cure for impotence.

One more favored method of penis enlargement is to do penis messages. These are done in several different techniques and take no more than fifteen minutes per day. Jelquing is one of the most popular of the massage techniques. In jelquing, the base of the penis is to be held with the curled fingers, and slowly this ring of fingers is to be pulled upwards towards the glans. There must be a continual application of thumb pressure as the hand is pulled upwards. Once the glans is reached, then the hand is brought back to the base and the movement is repeated.

Even within jelquing, there are several variations. Jelquing can be done with one hand or with both the hands; and what is best is, it can be done by the man himself or by his sexual partner. In this way, the massage technique can be used as a method for penis enlargement as well as foreplay during sex to build up the excitement.

Massage techniques work by opening up the spongy tissues of the corpus cavernosa and making them better available to get engorged with blood. Hence during erection, there will be good circulation of blood in the penis and the man will also get a better erection.

Some mechanical devices are also available in the market for the enlargement of the penis. Penis pumps are the most common of these devices. These pumps are shaped cylindrically and are meant to go over the penis. The pumps are fitted with a vacuum generator. By creating the vacuum, the blood flows into the penis due to suction. Doing this for the prescribed number of minutes per day is supposed to provide the desired increase in the penis size.

Needless to say, the effectiveness of all the above methods (except the surgery) is doubtful. Some of the methods are not even patented, and carry the statutory warning that they are subject to the users' risk. Some of the herbs have adverse side effects and the penis pumps can cause damage to the ligaments in the area around the penis. Hence, care and caution is necessary.

As a last word, we'd like to add that a man becomes a man not by the size of his penis, but by the love he can give to his family, and, most importantly, his wife. If a man is loving and caring, then penis size will become a minor issue. Thus, live in confidence with the penis nature has gifted you with and focus your efforts in enriching your mind instead.

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